Alignment is the philosophy a character lives by. While the actions of a character are under your control, the character's alignment can affect how NPCs in the game view him. The computer provides all the possible Alignments for a character and you can choose any of those you wish.

Overview Edit

L/N/C Edit

Lawful indicates that the character understands that people should work within the rules of society.

Neutral indicates that the character moves between valuing society and its rules, and valuing the individual.

Chaotic indicates that the character values the individual (himself) above society and others.

G/N/E Edit

Good indicates the character tries to act in a moral and upstanding manner.

Neutral indicates the character leans towards "situational ethics", evaluating each set of circumstances.

Evil indicates the character acts either with no regard for others, or in an overtly nasty manner.

Specifics Edit

Alignment Description
Lawful Good Followers of this alignment strictly interpret law and order, but they use these principles to bring all the benefits to the society.
Lawful Neutral Followers of this alignment view regulation as all-important, taking a middle road between good and evil.
Lawful Evil Followers of this alignment believe in the rulership of the strong and the enslavement of the weak.
Neutral Good The follower of this alignment believes there must be some regulation in combination with freedoms if the best is to be brought to the world.
True Neutral A follower of this alignment believes that everything must be kept in balance - law and chaos - and good and evil - to maintain world harmony.
Neutral Evil The follower of this alignment considers law and chaos to be minor considerations as long as evil is brought to the world.
Chaotic Good Followers of this alignment value randomness and freedom, but also value life and individual welfare.
Chaotic Neutral Followers of this alignment value randomness and disorder over either evil or good.
Chaotic Evil The Chaotic Evil character disdains laws and order, kindness and good deeds. He seeks positions of power, glory, and prestige in a system ruled by his own whims.