An official-looking notice.

"The number of undead creeping out of the Valhingen Graveyard is increasing. These undead have disrupted training, destroyed property, and killed many of our troops. Patrols have been sent into the graveyard to reconnoiter and determine the source of the undead. None have returned. Under your responsibilities as a priest of Bane in the city, you must help combat the menace.

"Lead a group of acolytes into the graveyard with the purpose of discovering the source and leader of the undead. If your group can engage and defeat the leader, or destroy the source, do so. If your group is outmatched, return with your information so that we can form an assault group with clerics and troops. Upon completion of this mission you will be in line for promotion to the next higher rank in the hierarchy of the temple of Bane in Phlan."


The Boss

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