Carefully prepared notes.

Note 4: "He has fooled me. All this time he has called himself Tyranthraxus the Flamed One. He exhibited his flame, and spoke of deeds attributed to Tyranthraxus. But today, while he did not know I was around, he revealed his true identity. He spoke into the great pool in his lair. I think he spoke to Lord Bane himself. And he referred to himself as Maram. Maram, he of the great spear, is also a servant of Bane.

"Why should my leader use a false name? He hides his identity from the world, so that they do not research his past and discover his weaknesses. What if he also hides his identity from his closest advisors, so that they also cannot know his true abilities and weaknesses. Anyone who attacked him, thinking to utilize the weaknesses of Tyranthraxus, would be destroyed by the different powers of Maram of the Great Spear.

"My research into Tyranthraxus is now useless. I must scour my records for details concerning Maram of the Great Spear. I have much work to do."

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