Told as jaunty, after dinner conversation.

"This is an old story that I first heard while serving at the Citadel of The Raven. Dirg was the usual barbarian hero -- the type able to snap five men's backs with his bare hands, wrestle and tame the cloud horses, pierce a man with a javelin from many miles away, and other equally preposterous things.

"The story goes that Dirg and his band of men found a pool of unfrozen water while wandering in the snowy wastes. Dirg's little pet lizard Jezma got too close to the pool and discovered that not only was the water not frozen, it was boiling hot; so hot that it cooked the skin right off of Jezma.

"Dirg was so angered he thrust his spear into the pool and roiled the waters. The demon of fire that inhabited the pool was disturbed and roared out of the pool to do battle. The demon leapt from man to man, comsuming them in a single touch.

"But the demon of fire could not defeat Dirg. Neither could Dirg find a weapon strong enough to withstand the creature's fire. After battling for an entire day, Dirg finally called upon his totem god for aid. With this magical aid, Dirg was able to trap the flaming demon in a triangle of power where supposedly he is even to this day."

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