An official looking notice.

"Assemble a group of at least 30 of your followers. Meet up with a hobgoblin assault force at the small docks to the west of town. You and your group will be under the command of the hobgoblin leader. Follow his orders. Upon completion of the mission you will be rewarded with food, treasure, and many slaves."


The Boss

Scribbled on the back of these orders is Norris the Gray's unsent reply to The Boss

"I will never follow the orders of a hobgoblin. I don't go on missions until I know exactly what we're supposed to do. And I don't go on missions for an unknown amount of food, treasure and slaves'. I do go on missions where I am in command; where I know exactly what the target is; and where I know exactly how much I'll get paid. Don't send me another order until you can meet my terms."


Norris the Gray

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