Tale 1 Edit

Far to the northeast, in the midst of a vast swamp, lie the uninhabited ruins of a powerful wizard's castle.

Tale 2 Edit

A drunk bard sits in a corner of the tavern spinning a seemingly endless tale, but no one is listening.

Tale 3 Edit

Wells throughout the city often provide access to hidden dens and underground passages.

Tale 4 Edit

An anglish lord commandeers one corner of the bar to lecture on the ultimate range of his adventurers. The crowd ignores him.

Tale 5 Edit

To the east of Phlan lies a gleaming castle of gold that shifts its location from time to time.

Tale 6 Edit

A weird looking wizard, dressed all in black, sits alone and mumbles into his beer, "I'll return next time and show them all!"

Tale 7 Edit

Great treasures are to be found on the banks of the Barren River as one ventures northward.

Tale 8 Edit

The graveyard is controlled by a very powerful and clever undead creature.

Tale 9 Edit

A puzzled patron with a limited vocabulary questions everyone he comes across about how to complete a manuscript dated 1977 GUE. Unfortunately, no one can help him.

Tale 10 Edit

To the west lives a tribe of insect-men who worship normal men and give valuable gifts to all who visit them.

Tale 11 Edit

The Dragonspine Mountains are inhabited by a race of evil dragons who lure travelers to their lairs and slay them.

Tale 12 Edit

A bedraggled adventurer decries, "There was a man called turtle, walls that aren't there, living daggers; I never did figure out what was going on!"

Tale 13 Edit

A master thief has set up a hidden training ground deep in the old city, right under the noses of monsters.

Tale 14 Edit

Ogres who live to the east of Phlan are holding captive a princess for whom a huge reward has been offered.

Tale 15 Edit

The merchants of Zhentil Keep are setting up a trading base far to the west of Phlan. They're hiring caravan guards for good wages.

Tale 16 Edit

Buccaneers operate a slave auction out of a hidden camp near Stormy Bay.

Tale 17 Edit

An old sage sits in a corner with a dark wizard. "You're right," laughs the sage, "they'll do anything I tell them to, no matter how silly or phantastic."

Tale 18 Edit

Off to the east of Phlan roams a tribe of marauding nomads. They have been pillaging villages in the plains with the help of a powerful artifact they have discovered.

Tale 19 Edit

Mighty tribes of wild dwarves, thousands of them, roam the Dragonspine Mountains, destroying villagers and killing travelers.

Tale 20 Edit

"I was totally confused; it was like being lost in the darkness," sighed the overwrought adventurer. "Rabbits, hats, bowling balls? Where in the realms was I?"

Tale 21 Edit

The monsters in Phlan are led by one of the generals who sacked the city a generation ago. The general has used great magic to make himself immortal.

Tale 22 Edit

A vast fortress of kobolds dominates the western tip of the great swamp. These normally weak creatures grow to great size and have extraordinary powers here.

Tale 23 Edit

In ancient Silver Dragon still lives up in the Dragonspine Mountains. The dragon is not evil and will help travelers who battle evil.